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Brisbane City Gymnastics Club

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"

                                                                                                                                                      - Tim Notke 

Taylah Kinshela

Intermediate level coach, Accounting and finance student at QUT, Junior international acrobat 2011-2015, Current National stream Senior Acrobat

Taylah started gymnastics at age 2 (2002) in Brisbane. In 2003, she began gymnastics at Mitchelton Youth Club where she continued until 2015.

At age 9 Taylah swapped from a level 3 artistic gymnast to a level 7 acrobatic gymnast. Competing in three different women’s trios as the top, Taylah represented Queensland four times placing in the top three each time: 2010 as a level 7 trio, 2011 as a 12-19 international level trio, and 2013 & 2014 at 12-18 international level. With two of her trios, she was selected into the Australian squad twice and competed at the world trials in 2011 and 2014.

In 2015, due to injuries, Taylah had to give up her passion. In the meantime, continuing her love for sport, she excelled in school athletics and hockey. At the start of 2018, she found another hobby, CrossFit, which she continues to do in between acro trainings now.

In October 2018, Taylah jumped at the opportunity of training with Farkas and Reka again, with the addition of coaching alongside them. Taylah continues to expand her knowledge of this amazing sport and hopes to make a positive difference to the current and future acrobats of BCGC.

Eszter Pungur

Beginner level coach, Diploma of Dance student at Queensland College of Dance

Eszter was 2 years old when she began WAG, Trampoline and Dancing balancing all sports until 8 years old. At that age she went on to perusing her dance career. Ever since then she has won many awards and competitions in dancing.

At the age of only 11, Eszter already started to assist with teaching at her Dance School.

When BCGC started up (2018), Eszter started to balance her love of teaching at the gym as well as her own dancing and schooling.

At only 14 years of age, Eszter completed her beginners coaching course successfully and has more courses to come.

Even before there was a set destination of the gymnasium Eszter started to help her mum - Reka with choreographing routines and teaching dance classes. Since the end of 2019 Eszter decided to take her passion one step further and has been the main choreographer responsible for all the gymnasts requiring routines at BCGC. On Saturday mornings, she holds dance classes for both senior and junior acrobats to allow BCGC athletes to have coordination, spatial and body awareness in their routines and classes. She is also continuously working with the acrobats cleaning and perfecting their routines throughout the year.

The dance classes for the junior acrobats are mainly focused on the beginning fundamentals of ballet so that when they enter the senior acrobatic stage they are prepared for the exercises including various leaps, turns, rolls as well as a short dance that the athletes focus on perfecting throughout the trainings with a new dance combination being provided at the start of every school term.

Lisa Gardiner

Intermediate Level Coach, International Stream Acrobat

Lisa started Acrobatics and Dancing at the age of 5. She continued this until the age of 7 where she decided to pursue her love for Acrobatic Gymnastics and joined Mitchelton Youth Clubs Acrobatic Program.

Lisa started in a Women’s Pair Level 2 as a Base and has been part of 2 Women’s trios competing at State and National Level Competitions representing Queensland in 2018 and 2019.

Lisa’s passion, hard work and dedication has now allowed her to focus on her dream of being an International Stream Acrobat as she is now part of an International Stream Women’s Pair where she is starting her journey hoping to represent Australia.

Lisa has managed to balance her love for Acrobatics and school work to achieve 7 Academic Excellence Awards over the past 3 years and continues to prove that if you believe you can achieve.

At the age of 14 Lisa successfully completed her Beginner Coaching Course and is looking forward to coaching and inspiring children to believe in themselves and reach their full potential. 

Hailey Thomson

Intermediate Level Coach, National Stream Senior Acrobat

Hailey stared Dancing at the age of 3 (2008) and continued until 2012. She then moved to Artistic gymnastics at Albany creek Gymnastics at the age of 7 (2012) were she began from level 1 all the way to level 5.

Hailey in 2016 was asked to trial for acrobatics. She began training both artistic and acrobatics. In 2018 Hailey decided to just continue with Acrobatic gymnastics as it was her passion. Hailey started acro at level 3 and progressed all the way to level 7 women’s trio where she is today. She has completed at both a state and National level for both Artistic Gymnastics and Acrobatic Gymnastics.

At the age of only 14, Hailey has completed her beginner coaching course and is excited to use her skills and her passion for the sports to coach the young optimistic children and help them in reaching their goals.

Hailey has great dedication, and has always strived for the very best in everything she does and is willing to bring that to her role as a coach.

Takoda Dunn

Intermediate Level Coach, National Stream Senior Acrobat

Takoda started dancing at the age of 4 and switched to gymnastics at 7, she continued this until she was 13, when she started acrobatics. She has competed at State and National Club competitions.

She is embarking on her last two years of school, whilst working hard and enjoying training, with a goal to compete with her trio at nationals in 2021.

At 14, she became a Gymnastics Australia accredited beginner coach, and began coaching level 1-3 gymnasts at her previous club. Takoda is also First-Aid qualified. She has continued coaching little gymnasts and now a coach at BGCG. She loves seeing the progression and improvement in each child and helping them to learn new fundamentals that will progress them throughout the sport.

Now both coaching and training at BCGC she loves the club and the happy hard working environment.

Yolande Slabbert

Beginner Level Coach

I am a mum of a BCGC gymnast. Having experienced first hand how BCGC can positively influence a child's life, I wanted to get more involved and be part of this amazing coaching team.

Being mum myself gives me the tools to coach from another angle, especially with the little ones in GymFun Mini and GymFun.

I am passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated to teaching children and creating a nurturing, fun and inspiring environment for them to learn in. Seeing the kids try something new and the joy when they succeed is very rewarding. I love being a part of BCGC.

Aleisha Bradford

Beginner Level Coach, National Stream Intermediate Acrobat

Aleisha started in the gymnastics world at age 2 (2009) in kinder gym, moving into Artistic gymnastics at age 5 (2012) with Farkas and was invited to trial for Acrobatic gymnastics the following year. She quickly found her love for Acro with coach Reka and competed as a top in both pairs and trios from Level 2-4. Due to her height she needed to transition to a base in 2016 and has competed in the state and national stream from Level 3 to Stage2 WP.

This will be Aleisha’s 8th year competing as an Acrobatic Gymnast, and she is still as passionate and dedicated as the day she began. Her overall Acro goal has never changed, represent Queensland and hopefully compete Internationally in the future.

Aleisha, from a young age, expressed her desire to become a Gymnastics/Acro coach and completed her Beginner Coaching course at 14 at the end of 2021. She enjoys being able to share the love for her sport with new athletes and teach them the foundations of gymnastics to help them improve their overall strength and self-confidence. Aleisha is looking forward to completing her intermediate coaching course later this year.

Aleisha is a true reflection of what BCGC stands for as a club…. hard work, tenacity, passion, and kindness!